First of all, I have to say I hate talking about myself.

My name is Grace.  Kayhynn is a moniker I’ve used when LARPing and on online forums because, let’s be honest, the name is unique. When I created my store on etsy I wanted to use Adorned by Grace, but the name was already taken (can’t imagine how or why :P) so I originally just called it Kayhynn.  When I decided to start doing more with it I decided to just go with Adorned by Kayhynn since a lot of what I create is geeky/gaming/nerd inspired anyhow.

So that’s all about the name and why it is what it is.

Now, about me.  I’ve always enjoyed crafting – whether it was for school projects or making Christmas ornaments for my teachers each year or whatever I ended up doing. I remember making friendship bracelets, bookmarks and more that I sold as a kid in elementary and junior high.

I started creating jewelry as a form of therapy seven years ago when my dad was diagnosed with cancer. Not only was it retail therapy – because shopping for jewelry components got my mind off other things – it was also stress relief as bending metal and creating things was a way to get rid of stress.  And it just kind of developed from there.

My inspiration comes from anywhere and everywhere. Sometimes just seeing beads inspires me. Sometimes other artists work inspires me. Sometimes, like my steampunk pieces, the pieces speak to me and tell me what to put together and how it goes. It may make sense, it may not.  Other times I just have ideas I want to try and they turn out okay, good or meh.

I love working with people and creating things they want. If you ever want to work with me to create something unique to you, just let me know.