3D Reversible Weeping Angel Pendant on 18″ Chain

Show your love of Doctor Who with this 3D Reversible Weeping Angel pendant necklace.

Each weeping angel is slightly different as it is a hand crafted item I ordered from another vendor.  Each weeping is 1.3 inches tall x 0.6 inches wide x 0.6 inches long. The weeping angel is hollow but weighs a bit which is why these are not offered as earrings and are too big for the bracelets.

The Weeping Angel has two sides. One side is the angel weeping. The other side is the angel on attack.  Where which ever side facing forward that you wish. Just don’t blink.

Each necklace is $10 and are on 18″ silver-toned chains, though other chain styles will be available for swap out free of charge at events.


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