Health and Mana Potion Set

Ever want to try something out because a piece was on clearance and you wanted to see if it would work before you wasted money on a bunch of parts?

That would be the story with this Health and Mana Potion Set. I wanted to see if it would work (and it does) before I bought the rest of the stock that was on clearance at the hobby store. So I worked through filling it with the medium I use (which is not edible so please don’t try to break it open and drink it) and dyed it and was pleased with how it worked.

Two days later, I went back to the craft store and they were all gone.


But, that makes this a bit more unique.

This set will be available at O Comic Con for $10. A box and padding will be available for taking home to make sure it doesn’t break.  If you are into LARPing, this would be a great set for you.

health-mana-potion-set health-mana-potion-set-2

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