Captured Moments: The Beach

These aren’t jewelry pieces (though if you want me to turn it into a necklace I sure can) but instead they are little vials that capture certain moments.

These I call Captured Moments: The Beach.

There will be 3 sizes available with different shells and different amount of glitter in them – with the potential for a fourth much larger size which will be in limited quantities (if this one becomes available I will post it as a seperate post). I may even experiment with different colors of glitter – we’ll see.

I currently only have two pictured: small and medium sizes.

Large sizes will run $7.

Medium sizes will run $5.

Small size will run $3.

These are great little things to put on your desk and play with to relax yourself or put on a shelf and gently shake from time to time to rearrange the shells and sand.

Here are some additional images. Pen is for size comparison.

2015-04-21 22.47.41 2015-04-21 22.48.17 2015-04-21 22.48.38 2015-04-21 22.48.46

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