Pre-Order Now for O Comic Con! Custom Doctor Who Bracelet


This bracelet can be customized several ways, detailed below.

These bracelets will be available for creation at Comicon but due to anticipated demand, we are opening up orders to anyone interested to order now and pick up at the event to reduce wait time.

Orders will be invoiced within 1-3 days of receipt of custom order request. You will be invoiced half of the amount of the bracelet (unless you request full payment). Work will not begin on the bracelet until payment has been received. Remainder of payment is due when you pick up your bracelet at my booth at O Comic Con.

7 Charm Bracelet – no crystals $15

7 Charm Bracelet with crystals $25

8-14 Charm Bracelet – no crystals $16-$30

8-14 Charm Bracelet with crystals $21-$35

Choose from the following charms (pictures of charms will be below) NOTE: This list may change when I am out of stock or add more charms to the list that come in stock:

  • Planet – Saturn
  • Scarf
  • Bow tie
  • Small Tardis (flat)
  • Clock
  • Sonic Screwdriver
  • Silver-colored Trenchcoat
  • Bronze Trenchcoat
  • Key (to the Tardis) (various keys available)
  • Rose
  • Enameled British flag
  • Tea bag
  • Tiny open book charm
  • Converse shoe (these are a bit larger and wouldn’t do well on a charm bracelet with more than 7 or 8 charms)

To place a custom order for this bracelet, click here.

Pre-Orders Must be placed no later than May 22 to allow for additional parts to be ordered.

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